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You can hire your stripper for your party, sexy animation and more.

Stripper italian agency in Italy for male strippers, where to hire one or more strippers for an evening of entertainment and unforgettable entertainment.

My name is Fabio and I created this site where to gather the strippers suitable for entertainment shows and entertainment for the party you are organizing.

I started doing shows in Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Friuli, Trentino and Lombardy. Now with me there is a staff of guys who are very well prepared for entertainment.

We offer sexy, fun, engaging animation!

Elegant male strippers, animation for a bachelorette party, parties for women, graduation or birthday parties.

We guarantee:

  Reliability and professionalism
  Sexy and non-vulgar shows
  Entertainment and fun for all
  Custom shows

We immediately conquer the public, and we know how to behave because for us, it is very important to be respectful and funny, being able to immediately understand which girl is more outgoing or shy and therefore wants a more sober or spicy animation.

For: Bachelorette Party, Birthdays from 18 to 60+, Graduation Parties, Women Parties, Private Strippers, Women’s Day March 8, Disco Parties, Club Parties.

For private parties

Man stripper is the right site if you have to organize a private party or an apartment, or in a club or in a club where you have reserved a room. We will organize the show with you, we will give you advice on how to best manage it and it will be a success!

For public places or clubs

As for the Women’s Day we know how to manage a show in a public place: we know how to entertain and adapt to various types of person, we can dance and dance or perform activities of image boys. In short, for public places with the most diverse patrons we can easily manage the evening.

Do you want to be a stripper?

Are you a stripman or an aspiring perfomer? Secure a source of income and become an entrepreneur of yourself! Contact Us!

Do you want to organize male shows?

If you have a club and you want to organize male shows contact us, together we will create the right situation for theme nights to increase the clientele of your place and your business.